Why Adoration

small candlesTen Spiritual Benefits of Attending Adoration

  1. See Jesus face to face.
  2. An awareness of the specific gifts you have been given by the Holy Spirit
  3. Gain knowledge through spiritual reading from the chapel library
  4. A deepened relationship with God the Father, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit
  5. Increased spiritual strength
  6. The growing desire to set aside a special hour to be with Jesus
  7. An increase in charity, love for others
  8. A enhanced understanding of our faith
  9. Gain greater insight into our role and purpose in life
  10. 10.  An increase in thankfulness for the graces given through Adoration

At Adoration, people will come to know the peace and joy of a true relationship with Jesus, a greater understanding of their purpose in life and how much Jesus unconditionally loves them every minute of every day.